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Play-Based Learning for Preschoolers

If you have a question about how we run our educational classes, our play-based learning philosophy or how to book a Words Make Sense class for your child, please get in touch with us today using the form below. You can also learn more about us and how we make learning fun here on our website.

If you’re interested in going ahead and booking your active learning for kids sessions with Words Make Sense, book now!

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What educational activities for children are available at Words Make Sense?

Words Make Sense is a journey that starts with a children’s book and takes the little ones through the discovery of moral values, seasonal events, science, reading, problem solving and many more.

What will my child be learning about with WMS?

Each class is different from the others and connected in such way that children can have a complex understanding about English (reading, writing, spelling, comprehension), Math (numbers, shapes, Mathematical reasoning), Science, Creativity and social development and all of these are packed with fun and a wonderful time.

How can I book online educational activities for kids with Words Make Sense?

Click the Booking button and follow the indications.

How much do classes cost?

Our classes are 27£ each and they are booked on a monthly basis, but also individually. We strongly advice booking in advance as classes can sell out quickly. It is possible to join part way through the current month.

What ages do you accept?

These classes are designed for children aged 3 to 7.