About Words Make Sense

Preschool Classes Designed To Foster Curiosity, Nurture Emotional Intelligence And Aid Early Cognitive Development

Words Make Sense provides stimulating and enriching educational classes, designed for preschool children by experts in child psychology.

Our holistic and carefully curated educational activities for kids offer an opportunity for preschoolers to learn and grow in a way that appeals to their curious nature. Our fun, stimulating classes will spark their creativity.

We carefully design our learning activities in line with the latest psychological research on cognitive development in young children, while also covering the Early Years Foundation Framework curriculum.

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Our Mission

We are driven by the desire to offer young minds all they need for a great start in life and school. Through fun, creative activities, we help children to discover their potential and develop a positive self-image. We want to help kids to play and learn and grow.

Preschool learning activities designed by experienced psychologists.

Focused on cognitive, social and emotional development.

In-class learning, plus stimulating and exciting home projects for continued learning.

Our Testimonials


You have been doing such a wonderful job of keeping activities consistent and coordinating schedules every week. I have been telling all my family and friends what a blessing this school has been during this crisis to keep our home calm. Thank you.


I’m so happy I chose The Words Make Sense. You really are the best in town and I tell everyone so! Special loving staff and the focus is always in the right place.

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What educational activities for children are available at Words Make Sense?

Words Make Sense is a journey that starts with a children’s book and takes the little ones through the discovery of moral values, seasonal events, science, reading, problem solving and many more.

What will my child be learning about with WMS?

Each class is different from the others and connected in such way that children can have a complex understanding about English (reading, writing, spelling, comprehension), Math (numbers, shapes, Mathematical reasoning), Science, Creativity and social development and all of these are packed with fun and a wonderful time.

How can I book online educational activities for kids with Words Make Sense?

Click the Booking button and follow the indications.

How much do classes cost?

Our classes are 27£ each and they are booked on a monthly basis, but also individually. We strongly advice booking in advance as classes can sell out quickly. It is possible to join part way through the current month.

What ages do you accept?

These classes are designed for children aged 3 to 7.