My name is Lavinia and since I have been working with children (more than 20 years), I have always loved to read them stories. Particularly stories that help my readers and I to learn something.

I have found getting lost in stories a great source of comfort and support during difficult times of my life. For example, as a child, I used to read to my younger siblings to provide relief and escapism during my parent’s divorce. I believe that reading and storytelling is a great mechanism for children to both learn and be uplifted.

I am a psychology graduate with a Masters in Clinical Psychology.
I worked as a nursery teacher for 5 years and then as an educational psychologist for 10 years.
Currently I am a nanny/governess for one of the sweetest little girls in London.

I designed the content of the Words Make Sense activities according to the best theories in psychology and based on my experience with young children, whilst also covering the Early Years Foundation Framework.

What People Say

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Dr. Seuss

“…when parents read with their children more, when they play with their children more, the children have an opportunity to think about characters, to think about the feelings of those characters… They learn to use words to describe feelings that are otherwise difficult and this enables them to better control their behavior when they have challenging feelings like anger or sadness.”

Dr. A. Mendelsohn, New York University School of Medicine

“Reading is an exercise in empathy; an exercise in walking in someone else’s shoes for a while. “

Malorie Blackman