How can we help children develop their social skills?

by | Dec 9, 2021 | Social Development

As parents or educators our mission is to help the little people grow up and this means that we try our best to help them learn and develop well.
Social and emotional development affects all aspects of life – the development of language and cognition or the development of social skills. A proper development of social and emotional skills is equivalent to a good mental health in early years and it refers to the ability to form and maintain positive relationships and to experience, manage and express emotions.

Which are the social and emotional skills we should endorse in our little ones?

1. Listening to the others – is essential for problem solving and maintaining friendship relationships. Therefore, children must learn to:

  • look peoples in the eyes and
  • think before speaking.

2. Meeting new people – it refers to the first impression children make when they meet a new person, therefore in such situations, children should learn how to introduce themselves:

  • to decide whether they want to introduce themselves
  • choose the right time to introduce themselves
  • say his/her name out loud and wait for the other to do the same or ask the name if the other doesn`t say his/her name
  • tell the other something that help them relate (e.g. both like the same Disney princess).

3. Starting and ending a conversation – children should learn when it is the right time to start a conversation and how to do it. Also, while they are young, children tend to leave things unfinished (e.g. conversations, games, other social interactions). Therefore, they could learn: 

  • how and when to start talking and how to get others` interest while in a group
  • speak in a friendly manner, ask questions and listen to what the others say
  • decide why the conversation must end and when it`s the right time
  • end the conversation in a friendly manner


So far these are some of the social skills that we try to teach our little ones, try to focus on these for the time being, maybe even we as grown ups can practice them a little more. 







Lavinia Stupariu, psychologist,
Author of Words Make Sense activities






















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