As parents or educators our mission is to help the little people grow up and this means that we try our best to help them learn and develop well and always keep them safe and healthy.

The “Words Make Sense” programme means a series of activities that, in addition to those that children undergo at nursery or at home, help children achieve the major skills and knowledge that provide the right foundation for good future progress through school and life.

The main objectives of the Words Make Sense activities are to offer the little ones all the means necessary for a good start in life and at school:

  1. a large amount of information in a manner suitable for their developmental stage
  2. help them socialize with others
  3. discover their own potential and develop a positive image about themselves.

Activities take place at the Corus Hotel in London (1 Lancaster Gate, Bayswater, W2 3LG), every Saturday morning from 9:30 to 10:20. 

During our meetings we approach themes like the seasons, numbers, shapes, animals, emotions, important annual events, etc. The coming Saturdays we will learn about sharing, being nice, family love and Christmas. 

COVID 19 – We are living tough times now and we all comply to the rules set for our safety, so we still run our activities and all sanitary rules are in place.                          Soon we will run online classes for the people who are in the risk group.