Words Make Sense

Preschool Online Educational Classes Designed By Experts In Child Psychology

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Words Make Sense provides holistic, empowering online educational activities designed by psychologists to help preschool-age children thrive. Our carefully-designed online classes help toddlers and preschool-age children to nurture their curiosity, increase their independence and develop essential skills that will support them in the transition to school and beyond.

Preschool learning activities designed by experienced psychologists.

Focused on cognitive, social and emotional development.

In-class online learning, plus stimulating and exciting home projects for continued learning.

What We Do

With a focus on fun and learning, Words Make Sense curates holistic online educational activities that help preschool-age children develop essential cognitive, social and emotional skills in a stimulating and safe environment.

Designed by experts in child psychology, our online preschool learning activities encourage exploration and help young children delight in the discovery of essential educational themes.

We aim to provide little ones with what they need for a great start in life and school, while also feeding their natural thirst for learning. Our activities are carefully designed to boost your child’s confidence and provide them with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive.

Our Founder

Words Make Sense is led by Lavinia Stupariu. With more than twenty years’ experience working with children as a teacher, Lavinia has developed a real love and appreciation for stories as a learning tool.

Lavinia is also an educational psychologist with a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology. This gives her an exceptional insight into the developmental needs of children and allows her to carefully curate Words Make Sense online learning sessions to be stimulating, enriching and rewarding for all participants.

Our Testimonials


You have been doing such a wonderful job of keeping activities consistent and coordinating schedules every week. I have been telling all my family and friends what a blessing this school has been during this crisis to keep our home calm. Thank you.


I’m so happy I chose The Words Make Sense. You really are the best in town and I tell everyone so! Special loving staff and the focus is always in the right place.

January 2022 activities and themes

  • Social skills and manners (sharing, helping others, courage)
  • Winter fun activities 
  • English (phonics, comprehension), Math, Science and practical skills
  • Winter joys and traditions 

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What educational activities for children are available at Words Make Sense?

Words Make Sense is a journey that starts with a children’s book and takes the little ones through the discovery of moral values, seasonal events, science, reading, problem solving and many more.

What will my child be learning about with WMS?

Each class is different from the others and connected in such way that children can have a complex understanding about English (reading, writing, spelling, comprehension), Math (numbers, shapes, Mathematical reasoning), Science, Creativity and social development and all of these are packed with fun and a wonderful time.

How can I book online educational activities for kids with Words Make Sense?

Click the Booking button and follow the indications. Choose an hour that suits your child best. Classes are offline and uploaded according to the CET, so feel free to choose an hour when your little one (s) can join the class depending on their schedule.

How much do classes cost?

Our classes are 7£ each and they are booked on a monthly basis, but also individually. We strongly advice booking in advance as classes can sell out quickly. It is possible to join part way through he current month.

What ages do you accept?

These classes are designed for children aged 3 to 7